What’s Actually Worth Fighting over When You Move in with Your Partner?

Personal Space spoke to design guru Francesco Bilotto, who gave us some tips on how to move in with a partner, what to save your energy fighting for, and what to let go of so you can both live in peace.

“When moving in with your partner, it’s much different than a roommate situation,” Bilotto pointed out.

Throw out those memories from an ex.

“You’re going to have to do a deep audit on your personal belongings and make sure you’re not bringing in too many reminders from past relationships into your current home. Like framed photographs of your single-with -friends vacations, any ‘boyfriend sweaters’ you’ve collected over the years, and that candle holder your ex’s mom (from a lifetime ago) gave you for Christmas. Ummm yeah, you’re going to have to let it go even if it’s Tiffany’s and fabulous.”

Toss the worn out crap.

Once you’ve edited your belongings and you’re ready to pack up and move, “make sure you’re bringing just your A plus game,” he added.

“If it has a dent, scratch or stain — save the cost on moving it and allow yourself the shop-ortunity to find a replacement together. You and your new bedroom boo deserve new sheets and nightstands.”

Now… how to mix your styles.

“When it comes to mixing styles, it’s still a challenge in this day and age, especially when one person prefers minimal and the other person is maximalist,” Bilotto said. “The best comprise you can do to keep the peace is to just mix it up like pasta primavera and embrace your style as now… eclectic. If you’re dealing with a partner who has the worst taste ever but for some reason they can’t let go, just do this simple thing… accidentally break or toss items you never want to see in your space during the move or packing process. If ugly items still make it through the door of your combined home, make sure your sister’s kid or a neighbor dog pays you a visit soon. Then just blame it on them. Hey, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?”

You hear that? Ugly chair? Break. It.