Simple secrets to recharge your home for spring

Interior design expert Francesco Bilotto helps ABC News’ Paula Faris revamp her living space.

Recharge Your Room in 5 simple steps:

✅1.) Clear and clean your space! Remove and rethink everything you can within the room. Scrub floors and sort items.

✅2.) Power of placement! Take a cue from your existing larger items, reconfigure your space by creating two zones. One for work one for rest using what you may already have.

✅3.) Freshen your furniture! Adding a fresh new seating area in the space where there wasn’t one also sends the message to relax + enjoy life. Save time and shop online.

✅4.) Leaf it up when you look out! Plants plants and more plants. Plants make your mood and even your breathing happier. Even NASA says so!

✅5) Art is in the eye of the beholder! Get creative and mix it up with a collection of hand made baskets hung on a wall = great alternative to canvas and frames + this adds dimension to a room.

Room recharge complete!

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