How To Elevate Your Holiday Weekend Entertaining

Lifestyle Expert Francesco Bilotto stops by New York Live to share must-try tips and easy ways to elevate your summer entertaining season.

Over all tips:

🍽Use your good stuff outside — chargers, flatware, linens.

🍋Freeze peaches, lemons/ limes to keep your drinks cool in a plastic pot and shield your ice cubes from melting so quickly, also offers a beautiful presentation for guests.

👆🏼Layer up cake stands for a space saving + edible centerpiece, use fresh fruits, flat breads and cheeses.

🇺🇸Red, white and blue ribbon go a long way, literally. Use them to adorn anything you have laying around or even just simply as a runner on your table or beach blanket held down with shells.

🍍Pineapples alone or placed onto candle sticks creates a festive welcome/ fresh and reusable tablescape moment

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